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We’ve Created a Honeybee Habitat at Innisfree House

In partnership with beekeeping experts at Alvéole, we are excited to share that Innisfree House has been selected as a bee-yard for beekeeping operations in the Region of Waterloo. The beautiful naturalized area surrounding our property made us a perfect candidate to help with Alvéole’s work, and we look forward to the thousands of tiny new colleagues that will be pollinating the gardens and marshland surrounding our hospice.


About the initiative

Bees play a crucial role as pollinators, and hosting these hives is an investment in our environment. We are repurposing some unused space on our property, and at the end of the season, we’ll have honey for guests and for use in our kitchens that was produced right in our own back yard!


We’re fostering bees!

We’re playing an important role with our local bee community in the region – the hives at Innisfree House will host colonies of bees that require safe temporary housing before finding their permanent home. For example, if a local beekeeper determines their hives need splitting to regulate some of the busier bees, part of that colony will quickly and expertly be delivered to Innisfree House.

With the support of skilled beekeepers maintaining their stay and ensuring they have enough forage, the bees will be in our care until the next leg of their journey – a poignant reflection of the work we do in supporting our residents on their end-of-life journey.

For more information about bees, honey, and urban beekeeping, please download Alvéole’s Fact Book by clicking the icon below.