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Happy Anniversary to our Forest of Memories

Happy Anniversary to our Forest of Memories!

We are so pleased to announce the first anniversary of our Forest of Memories, in partnership with rare Charitable Research Reserve. You can find the original launch article here, and below are a few details that you might find helpful when thinking about a memorial tree.

Unique features of the Forest of Memories

  • Each tree is a one-time donation of $150 (with a full tax receipt issued), and four native species of trees are available:
    • Bitternut Hickory
    • Sugar Maple
    • (Eastern) White Pine
    • (Northern) Red Oak
  • The trees planted are not seedlings – they are five to seven feet tall at planting to give them the best chance of flourishing
  • Memorial trees are available to order all year long
  • You don’t need to have lost a loved one at Lisaard or Innisfree to order a tree – commemorate any person or occasion
  • Forest of Memories trees make a great gift!
  • The Forest of Memories is a legacy that will be cared for and live on decades into the future

To begin the order process for your tree, click here.

For more information about the Forest of Memories, please email our Finance and Donor Coordinator, or call 519.208.5055 ext.262.

To find out more about rare Charitable Research Reserve, click here.