Lisaard House / Innisfree House

Her Legacy is her love of her family

Nothing is more important to Roleen then her family. When she speaks about them, her smile will light the room! Roleen is a proud mother to 2 grown sons and 3 beautiful granddaughters. As a resident at Innisfree House, Roleen wanted to ensure her family knew the love she has for them now and after she passes.  The Residential Legacy Program has helped her create lasting pieces for her family which reflect this.

Each granddaughter received a hug scarf. Each scarf is unique and has meaningful  pieces attached to them. Roleen hopes that this will provide comfort to her granddaughters and  allow them to feel that she is wrapped tightly around them when they need her after her passing. It was also a fun activity for Roleen, as she was reminded of all the wonderful moments she had with each granddaughter.

For her sons, she created a hand mold for each of them. The mold is so detailed, it shows each line, bend and features of her hands. They represent Roleen’s strength throughout her life. Roleen hopes that this gift will remind them of the memories they share together and help them through their grief.

The legacy program provides our residents an opportunity for life contemplation and life closure. This, combined with our Hospice philosophy of Making Moments Matter, is a central focus of our Residential Legacy Program.

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