Lisaard House / Innisfree House

Visiting the Hospice

Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day, subject to the needs and requests of the resident or their decision maker. The door is locked at all times and a volunteer or staff member will open the door for you. The primary visitor can request an access card so that they do not have to ring the doorbell on a regular basis. This card (1 per resident) is available from the RN and requires a $20 deposit.
For everyone’s safety we ask that visitors enter and exit through the front door. Please do not use patio doors for this purpose. Please ring the doorbell for entry.
There is a guest registry at the reception desk which we ask you to complete each time you arrive and depart the hospice so that staff are aware of who is in the house in case of emergency.
During inclement weather we ask that you please leave wet footwear at the front door and use alternate footwear. If you do not have other footwear with you please use something from the basket at the entrance. Bare feet or sock feet are not permitted in the hospice for health and safety reasons.
For the safety of the house please do not open the door for anyone other than those visiting your loved one