Who can be a resident?

Someone who:

• Is an adult who has a palliative diagnosis and is no longer receiving curative treatment
• Is unable to live alone, has inadequate support at home, or has caregivers who are overextended
• Has a power of attorney for personal care or substitute decision maker
• Has indicated he/she wishes symptom management for comfort only
• Is receiving Home and Community Services through the LHIN
• Has care needs that can be met by the services available at Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice

Please note that Lisaard House cares for residents with a cancer diagnosis.
Innisfree House is open to any end-of-life diagnosis.

Who is not an appropriate resident?

Someone who:

• Does not meet the above criteria;
• Lives outside of Waterloo Region –unless significant family members live in Waterloo Region;
• Has behaviours that are difficult to manage such as aggressive behavior, violent behavior, wandering behavior, and serious confusion;
• Has requirements that cannot be met by the services available at the house in cooperation with the services of the LHIN;
• Desires active, continued treatment of their disease;

It is the desire of Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice to give consideration to each individual request.

To download an admission application, please click here.