Our Care


Lisaard House and Innisfree House are both staffed with a team of registered nurses and personal support workers who care for residents twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The onsite team is further supported by a visiting team of seven family physicians with expertise in palliative care; these physicians participate in two month at a time rotations, visiting the hospices twice each week and providing 24 hour coverage seven days a week.

Pharmacy Support

Preston Medical Pharmacy supplies the residents of Lisaard House & Innisfree House with most of their prescription needs and medical supplies.

Oxygen Supplier

Vital Aire supplies the residents with their oxygen needs. The respiratory therapists at Vital Aire assist in transitioning new residents who receive their oxygen from another supplier.


Both hospices are fortunate to have the support of many volunteers:

One group is those volunteers who wish to support residents during their final days. These volunteers receive extensive training from an external agency, allowing them to work directly with the residents. These volunteers receive ongoing education and support.
The second group of volunteers provide clerical, maintenance and general labour support, but do not directly support the residents.

Both groups of volunteers play a valuable role at both Lisaard House and Innisfree House; their support is vital and integral to the ongoing operation of the hospices and is greatly appreciated.


Music Therapy:  A registered music therapist visits the hospice once each week providing residents the opportunity to express themselves through either active or passive participation in music.

“He was so happy with the music.”

Other therapies: Therapies such as massage, therapeutic touch, reflexology, etc. are not currently offered. However, if a resident is interested in receiving any of these therapies, families are welcome to arrange these services directly.

Hair Dressing/Manicure/Pedicure These services are available upon request on a weekly basis free of charge.

Pastor care:  There is not a Chaplin on site but residents may invite their own spiritual advisor to visit them at the house. If a resident wishes to see a spiritual advisor but does not have one, a list of spiritual advisors, who have indicated their availability, can be provided to residents upon request. We also can access spiritual advisor through CCAC.

Family Time:  This is a time set aside on the first and third Thursday each month for families or friends who have lost a loved one at Lisaard or Innisfree House, to come together to share thoughts over coffee of their experience during and following the time of their loss. These sessions are conducted, free of charge, by a social worker with training in bereavement care. Family Time sessions are currently scheduled at Lisaard House for families who have lost a loved one at either Lisaard or Innisfree.