House Routines

The care at both houses is geared to each residents’ individual needs. The goal of care is to maintain the privacy and dignity of residents and to be as flexible with their care needs as possible in a shared home environment. The following are a few of the house routines that may help in planning an admission to Lisaard or Innisfree.

Personal Care

Personal Support Workers tend to the personal care of each resident every morning and as needed.

If a family member wishes to participate in the personal care of their loved one, please speak with staff.


The staff and volunteers are responsible for all in-House laundry (i.e. sheets, towels etc.) However, we ask a family member or friend to take a resident’s personal laundry home for washing. If a person has a special pillow s/he wishes to bring with him/her, we request that the pillow have an identifiable pillowcase so it will not get mixed up in hospice laundry.

Kitchen Facilities

Personal support workers or volunteers prepare all meals. We ask that family members provide any special items of food for a resident that we do not normally stock (i.e. thickener, Ensure or special cheeses, soya milk). Meals are not provided for families. However, coffee, tea, water and cookies are always available for visitors. Each resident’s room is equipped with a mini fridge where families may keep anything special a resident may want and meals for the family member who is with the resident. For health & safety reasons we ask that families keep food brought in from home in the fridge in the resident’s room.


Residents who wish to smoke may do so outside in designated areas, but must be accompanied by a family member or friend. Visitors are permitted to smoke in a designated area in our parking lot.


Realizing that the admission and care of a loved one is part of a very difficult time for family and friends, we do not restrict visitors. However, unless a resident’s death is imminent, we request that no more than 2 family members stay overnight. Because we find that too many people visiting at one time can become very overwhelming for the resident, we encourage family to gather in one of our family rooms and take turns visiting the resident.

Children are always welcome and are the responsibility of their parent/guardian.

Pets are welcome to visit but we ask that they remain in the resident’s room.

Both Lisaard House and Innisfree House are compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians Disability Act. If you require any special assistance, please let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.